“Ivo Baev & Partners” was established in 1994 as one of the first partnerships in Burgas, organized in a contemporary way, for the purpose of offering legal services corresponding to the yet growing requirements of local and foreign clients. Since the establishment of the partnership and until now, our main professional objective has been to provide to our clients high quality and efficient legal services, to commit ourselves to responsible solutions of our assignments. Our reputation is due to long standing experience combined with modern thinking, to our concern and personal attitude to each one of our clients. The highly qualified solicitors working as a team are able to guarantee quality solution of any legal issue facing our client. In view of raising the performance level, we attract experts from many other fields of knowledge for the purpose of providing a complete legal product. We are working with many clients on the grounds of long-term contracts for legal services, which guarantee the priority readiness for rendering legal services upon optimal correlation of quality and price for the service.