In response of the expansion of foreign and Bulgarian investments in real estates, “Ivo Baev & Partners” has developed and for years in a row is offering its clients a complete legal services package with the sole objective of securing maximum legal protection for the investors in each single stage of the investment process for each transaction. Our work as independent solicitors on purchase of real estates by foreign citizens is enjoying impeccable reputation. The legal services package may include:
   We are able to support the increase of return on foreign capital invested in real estates. For that purpose, our team is offering a whole set of services on mortgage intermediation, research of the terms and conditions of bank mortgage loans, consultancy on the necessary documentation and professional assistance upon its preparation. We have built good business relationships with some of the leading Bulgarian and foreign banks operating on Bulgarian market.

   “Ivo Baev & Partners” is providing to clients the needed protection of investments, offering complete consultancy on the terms of the insurance contracts and representation before the insurance companies during the property insurance process.

  In order to meet the needs of individual foreign investors, our team is providing the full set of services related to the hereditary relationships concerning the real estates owned by foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. It may include: